Hasselblad has for a long time been an icon of craftsmanship and finest camera technology. The goal of this pitch was to focus on the company’s core values and bring back the strong identity and impact that the brand once had on the global market.
Electrolux have for many years owned the stick cleaner market. However, today there is stronger competition and many players to compete with. This project was carried out in order to launch the first cordless main cleaner and increase the reputation as the number one vacuum cleaner brand on the market.
The scoop of this project was to make the life easier for young professionals living a mobile life. The result is a laptop bag that makes it easy to stay connected where ever you are. It started as a school project at Art Center and was then further developed.
The aim of this Master Thesis Work was to design a concept which facilitates for new experiences in the future kitchen environment. The result is Misto which enabling urban farming no matter where you are living.
Husqvarna Service User Experience
Servicing of products is an important part of the total Husqvarna Construction Products business. The aim of this project was to help Husqvarna Construction Products strengthen the brand identity on the market, regarding service and repair, and increase the profitability by making the service business even more efficient.
Wellbeing Eco System
The Electrolux Ecosystem is a home care system that monitors and controls your indoor air quality and climate. The familly of products collaborate to reach a high level of wellbeing where ever on the planet you live. This case demonstrate just a small glimpse of the full scope due to confidential reasons.
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