Enhancing Mobility.

This laptop bag targets young professionals living a mobile life in cosmopolitan cities. The bag allows access to the laptop wherever you are and makes it easy to spend the time efficient on public transportation and other public spaces. It’s a unique combination of functionality and appealing exclusive retro design. The hard shell construction protects the laptop and the smart compartments let you carry the most important stuff for the day.

The scoop of this project was to make the life easier for young professionals living a mobile life. The concept won the notable price in the soft good category of Core 77 design awards. It started as a school project at Art Center and was then further developed.
The urbanization is increasing globally and people are spending more & more time commuting to work every day. We think you should be able to combine work with style in those situations.
I'ts hard to work comfortable and privately in public spaces. Few laptop bags on the market combine the functionality with trendy design to an affordable price. In this are there is a potential business opportunity to innovate.
This retro designed laptop bag bridges this gap. It gives a trendy and functional alternative to young professionals who are living mobile lives. It gives an alternative to people who care about fashion and quality and need the functionality. The bag becomes a portable desk which gives a private sphere in cramped situations. Just put the bag on your knee, open the lid and you are all set within a couple of seconds. It’s now easy to work wherever you are.

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