Urban Farming.

Misto is a modular shelf system that facilitates growing herbs, fruits and vegetables in the home environment. Express your taste both by personalising the design and by deciding what you want to grow depending on your needs and passion.

The growing of plants is made possible with aeroponic technology, which gives fast, good and pest free results. Aeroponics means that a water nutrient solution is sprayed into an atomized mist, which is absorbed by the plant’s roots which grow in air. By providing supporting growing light to the growing areas, plant growth is ensured all year around independent of climate or season outside.
The increasing  and a growing global population is a threat to our limited recourses. There is a need for solutions that minimize the environmental impact and still deliver new satisfying experiences to the consumers. The future means new ways of living and new user experiences.
The aim of this Master Thesis Work was to design a new consumer experience in the future kitchen environment. The project was carried out in close collaboration with Electrolux and their design department in Singapore. Two main tracks was defined after the thorough research phase that could have potential value for Electrolux as a brand. “Preventing food waste” and creating a “Restaurant experience at home”. The result is the product and service Misto which brings in the professionalism into the home in a responsible way. The concept is engaging and makes you use only what you need which helps minimizes food waste.
The perception of luxury is changing over the world. People are craving for total experiences and professional skills. There is also a growing appetite for healthy and environmental friendly products on the market and people are showing more awareness now than ever. At the same time one third of the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally. This is a threat to the global food security and causes also unnecessary CO2 emissions.The increasing urbanization and a growing global population is a threat to our limited recourses. There is a need for solutions that minimize the environmental impact and still deliver new satisfying user experiences.
The main focus of this thesis work was on the research phase which means the first three step in the design thinking process. 
The main focus for this Thesis Work was on the understand phase. Everything from food fairs to street food places and Michelin restaurants were visited. This in order to get inspiration and understand how professional chefs and restaurant owners try to create unique experiences for their customers. A lot of literature studies were carried out and trends and future scenarios were collected .
For deeper understanding about today’s pain points in the kitchen and different kitchen behaviors - home visits and focus groups were executed. This gave deeper understanding about local variations around cooking, strongly rooted habits and South East Asia specific needs.
After a thorough research phase all data was analysed and summarized. The problem areas started to be formulated together with Electrolux; “Preventing food waste” and create a “Restaurant experience at home”. Those areas resonated well with all trends observed and had a potential for Electrolux as a company.
Within those areas a lot of diverged ideas were created to later be judged upon relevance having all research data on the table. One idea became the major focus which was enabling fresh ingredients all year around and could have potential for reducing food waste - aligning well with our two problem areas.
In order to formulate the optimal experience all research data was analysed and and opportunities were translated into a story board. An effective way to create a discussion together with Electrolux about the overall concept without focusing to much on the product or service in itself. The experience stays on an emotional level and gives freedom for further ideation.
The service included a physical product that could take many different expressions. A wide range of ideas was created and then analysed together with all research data. Finally a modular concept became the main track that had strongest potential for a best in class consumer experience.
A new consumer experience that engages from start to end. Inspired from professionals and future ways of living. Let's be inspired.
Taylor your own Misto design
The growing experience starts with the seed by your choice
Choose between different kits & get them delivered direct to you
Hassel free planting that keeps the joy of growing
Let the system take care of the watering
Enjoy your favorite seeds sprout and engage the whole family
Easy settings with help of one control unit
Enjoy harvesting fresh herbs all year around no matter location.
It all starts with designing. With help of all the different modules the system can be personalized to fit your specific needs. Design Misto the way you want and express your taste. You can easily add on more modules depending on growing needs and expectations. Modules are easy to re order to create new expressions after time to enhance the sustainability. 
When it comes to usage everything starts with the seed pod. The inner part is made out of Coco Coir and has room in the top area for plant seed. The plastic cap keeps the temperature and humidity high in the early phase to let the seed sprout as fast and effective as possible.. 
There are different seed pod kits for growing different herbs and plants. Order kits to be delivered directly to your door. Choose between herbs and plants from all over the world and mix local and exotic plants by your choice.
When the Misto is installed the planting phase can begin. Simply put the seed pods into the top hole of the Misto pots. The pots come in different colours and shapes to be able to express your own taste in different ways.
Docking the pots onto the spray nozzles to activate the system. The water nutrition mist is with regular intervals sprayed into the pots and absorbed by the seed or the roots of the plants.
The plant is growing up and the roots are growing out from the pod into the air. The water mist with nutritions in combination with the UV light make the seed germinate. The plastic cover keeps the humidity high to speed up the process and out comes the new plant. 
The central control unit is the brain of the system. It contains a water tank, a pump for distributing the water to the system, and an interface for regulating the system. Get information about when to add water and choose between different light settings as an example. 
When the plants are ready they are easily harvested. Use fresh herbs for cooking all year around and minimize your environmental impact.
Due to the modularity of Misto it fits all different households, styles and needs. Build a small system or decorate your whole wall with plants. Your are the designer.

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