Service User Experience.

The scoop of this project was to make the life easier for young professionals living a mobile life. The concept won the notable price in the soft good category of Core 77 design awards. It started as a school project at Art Center and was then further developed.


Husqvarna is a global company and should therefore express the same core values worldwide.   Professional products, such as Husqvarna Construction Products, need a professional after sales support with focus on both competence and appearance. This means that no matter the location or size, all service facilities should follow the same guidelines and be on the same high level of quality regarding service, sales, training, customer attitude and appearance. 

So far, as part of this large service design project, a new concept has been developed with major focus on the customer experience. To increase the customer experience everything from layout of the service facilities to service clothes have been in focus. Both exterior and interior branding have been developed to fit all different locations and sizes of the business.
Thorough research was done regarding existing service facilities. Major Husqvarna service centers in Europe were observed as well as their customers. Benchmarking of companies operating service businesses of any kind were an important part of the pre-study to gain knowledge and inspiration. Clustering all the research data into groups and analysing it during workshops including different competencies led to that a couple of important key areas were addressed for future development. One of the three main tracks is the customer experience that has not at all been in focus in today’s service centers. It’s an important area in order to leave a foot print on the market, strengthen the brand and build long customer relations globally. 
A new concept is needed in order to create a more engaging and enjoyable service business, which increases the total experience, and leaves a footprint on the global market.
Each step of the process became a separate user story, each focusing on creating a professional service process and increasing the positive customer experience. The user stories include everything from ideas on layout, branding and customer treatment including digital tools for a professi
As a part of increasing the customer experience and increase the visual identity on the market a new branding concept has been developed including clothes, exterior and interior branding as well as work policies and marketing material. A concept that now is being refined to later be implemented globally.
The first service center has now been built on the west coast of Sweden taking care of almost half of the Husqvarna Construction Products Swedish market. It’s a place that offers high quality and a modern service experience as well as giving inspiration and knowledge to the customers. 
This project was carried out for Husqvarna while I was working as a consultant for Alten. All rights belong to Alten and Husqvarna.

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