A Strong Heritage.

This concept is a small compact system camera compatible with Hasselblad’s professional lenses. In this way the concept targets already exsisting users wanting a smaller second camera. With a new line of lenses and customisable design the camera becomes something completely different - an accessory that strengthens the identity of a dedicated blogger as one example.

The design brings new life the brand’s iconic and scandinavian design heritage and at the same time focus on the essence of professional photography   functionality in every situation.
Using the exsisting black lenses create professional anonymous appearance. New classical lenses together with accessories in natural materials create a stronger identity and increase the lifetime of the product. In all cases the iconic finder, at the top of the camera, creates a strong identity with heritage from the first Hasselblad cameras. A metal framing makes the flat surfaces come together in a new way with roots from earlier Hasselblad box cameras. Few buttons and a simple interface increase the focus on the shutter button located separately at the top of the camera. Two scroll wheels make the user easily select shutter speed and aperture in an ergonomic way. 
The customisable design lets the user strengthen his or her identity. It’s a way to show who you are and a way to express style and personality. Still the camera deliver best in class camera technology and professional settings.
High functionality and a strong design heritage make this camera target professional users which already use Hasselblad products but want a smaller alternative as a second camera.
This project was carried out while I was working as a consultant at Alten and all rights belong to the company.

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